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Disappointed opening ceremony!

After a few weeks passed by, the official opening ceremony has come. Many honorable guests such as someone from ministry of foreign affair, Carabinieri, immigration police are invited, the campus suddenly become lively. After the speech from the director of ITCILO, there was a speech from previous student and present student. After a few speakers, we started to notice that no one from Africa or Asia (except one regular customer, a white Mongolian who enroll multiple time here at ITCILO). Speech delivered in Italian, Spanish, French and English. The African is probably the majority of the student here and yes there are a good number of French speaking African but still they are not invited to speak, instead they let’s an American who speak French do the speech! WTF!

This campus is considered multi-national environment, but how they treated us today is clearly discrimination and to some extent racism. I am not enjoying this event. The lunch was catered by the same company that run the canteen, disappointed in both taste and variety. Just another horrible day… greatly disappointed…

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