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Campus life

Apart from first week heating system brake down, ITCILO is somewhat nice campus. It’s located next to Po river and next a lot of green. I got the room at Africa 8 Annex and my class is just down stair, what a convenience. There are Intesa San Paulo bank (that need a reservation if you want to open an account), mini post office (that sold stamp and accept basic letter only), doctor room (scheduled, provide basic health consultation), laundry (full service), fitness center (moderately equipped), canteen, sport ground and etc.

The guest relation section will keep your campus life filled with activities. They arrange a tour to major attraction such as Venice, Nice and Monaco, the price is not that cheap but it is very convenience since it depart from the campus. During February, the grand festival of Venice Carnival is held every year. I really recommend everyone who is not on super tight budget to go, unfortunately during my time only 3 were listed for the tour so it was cancelled. Apart from the tour they arrange, party, DJ night, live music, wine tasting, etc. Most of their DJ party were suck! The DJ was horrible, sometime he didn’t show up, sometime he just flirting and smoking outside and let’s the music stop for a while. Honestly, Spotify is much better. Fortunately the live music are almost very good. Wine tasting for 5EUR is nothing much to be expected. Only a few bottles from single local winery, you’ll get only 3-4 sip and that is. Really disappointed.

The cafe, canteen and bar at the campus are cheap but somewhat sad. Good real Italian espresso is 0.80EUR and draft beer is 3EUR. I recommend cafe correto, an espresso with a shot of liquor (grappa or sambuca). If you need a cheaper coffee, there is a automated machine at the America building which sold espresso for 0.35-0.40EUR and it is as good as Illy at the cafe. The canned drink from the machine is also cheaper than the bar and the staff won’t be mad at you if you bring it in.

You can borrow a bike and helmet if you are staying in the campus. You need to pay 50EUR deposit each time and have to return the bike before the reception close at 8pm which is a bit inconvenience. The bike condition is vary, some good, some broken. You can also borrow sport equipment such as football, volleyball too.

Internet on the campus is decent with some limitation. Some room especially corner room got a weak signal. Torrent is blocked of course and some ports are blocked as well.

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