Applying for Master

I have been working 10+ years for Ministry of Labour since my graduation. It is a long time and I do really need a break from my job but yet still don’t want to quit, a study leave seem to be a perfect choice. As I am 30+ years old and a last touch of an academic is more than 10 years ago, I am really not in a position to compete with a fresh young graduates. My colleague had recommended me to check out on ITCILO’s courses sometime ago and I found one that is really attractive, Master in Applied Labour Economics for Development or MALED. There are several advantage for doing MALED course:

  1. Price is affordable, even without scholarship (Tuition fee €7000).
  2. Scholarship is available upto 50% of tuition fee. The least developed country is given priority. (This is suck)
  3. Free accommodation (4950€) also available as a part of scholarship.
  4. Face to face phase is short so you don’t have to quit or leave job that long.
  5. You don’t need a fresh English proficiency test score nor minimum score required. My iBT TOEFL score was issued almost 10 years ago and still acceptable, they just want to proof that you understand English.

The deadline for application, for the first round is 1 July and second round is 1 September. I really have no idea why they split it into 2 rounds but after asking the secretariat, the answer is nothing different. The application is straightforward, just produce all the document they need and you are fine. I wrote non-fantasy motivation letter and appeal letter for scholarship, saying how poor government official can be… I put my boss and my undergraduate teacher as the reference and hope they never contact them because one of them rarely check his email.

Now, just wait for the result, finger crossed.

P.S. If you have doubt, question regards the course please contact the secretariat directly by email.

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